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View Poll Results: Would you recommend a sprinter van...if not why.
YES all the time there great vans 353 50.36%
On ocassions 141 20.11%
Rarley if ever 19 2.71%
NO 105 14.98%
Maintence and parts are too exspensive 141 20.11%
Overly complex control systems 112 15.98%
Lack of qualified service centers and mechanics 146 20.83%
Aftermarket support small 63 8.99%
Not built for heavy duty service 36 5.14%
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Aqua Puttana
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Default Re: Would you recommend a sprinter van

Any time that a member responds to a poll it brings the thread back to life. That is how a post with an ancient date can pop up in the first page.


My opinions haven't changed much since 2012. Well, for T1N's. More modern NAS aka NAFTA diesels with their more complex emissions systems are a different animal.

I added a couple updates.

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
Originally Posted by detroitdevo View Post
This thread seems about 50/50 for or against. In my mind that isn't a great ratio for a prospective buyer..
First let me say that although we are pretty tame and very civilized as vehicle forums go, we can still be a tough crowd. Adding to that, those who are against tend to be more willing to share their displeasure than those who are happy. You should visit the forums of any vans you're considering and look for similar threads. You may find that 50/50 is pretty typical.

The lack of plentiful dealerships/repair facilities can be a definite negative. I think that basically the Sprinter is as reliable as other brands and maybe even more reliable in some ways. There have been many over 400,000 mile Sprinters reporting here and other forums. Another negative which probably relates to the lack of repair facilities is that I think often what could be a readily repaired problem gets magnified because they go around the horn to resolve it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's easy. I figure many things out, but without Doktor A and other true professionals on this forum keeping me on track I'd be lost at times too, many times.

For 4 years now I have been passing a 158 T1N which is often in a private driveway. I noticed that the back doors had that terrible looking rust drip. The body was looking worse than mine. I was actually tempted to stop and offer to give the doors a 10 minute Magic Eraser and Orange Hand Cleaner restore process, but decided that might seem a bit creepy. I no longer need to worry about that because that T1N is gone. What is there now is a shiny new looking 170 NCV3. That's a pretty good testament to Sprinters.
20190421 Update.
There is now a nice shiny black Ford Transit parked in that driveway. I can say that I'm still driving by to see it while in my 2004 with 328,000+ miles on the clock.

Anyway, I really like my 2004. It has been very reliable given the miles it has already and continues to clock. If anything happens to this one I'll look for another. I am not known for giving rave reviews because I wouldn't want to lead anyone astray. Everyone needs to make their own decisions. vic

I did find a replacement. A 2006 2500 HC Freightliner passenger model. I'm happy with that one too. Unfortunately being a hoarder I kept the 2004. Few people really need 2 ea. Sprinter vans. Having both a cargo and passenger model is handy though.
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Default Re: Would you recommend a sprinter van

A thread that's been running for eight years is pretty impressive.

Unfortunately there was no poll for "Yes... and no." I guess that's "on occasions."

I'm a relatively new Sprinter owner... I bought an '04 T1N with 105k miles, upfitted as an Airstream Interstate in April of '19 from an RV dealer in Georgia. I was dubious, but it was SUCH a killer deal I couldn't pass it up no matter who the upfitter was or what van it was on.

I came from the Ford e-series van world, having had one '92 passenger conversion I bought new in '93 and two B-Vans, (a '94Airstream B190, and most recently a '95 Coachmen RD19 that I had when I bought the Sprinter.) All of the Fords were relatively low-mileage vans; the '95 Coachmen only having 66k on it despite being 24 years old. I'd bought it with 26k on it and put 40k miles on it in four years. My Sprinter experience is only now 6k miles on an aging T1N, and while I'm still working through some deferred maintenance issues in the moho upfit, the van itself has been reliable. It does have some minor rust bubbling around holes cut in the body by the upfitter. I'll have that taken care of by a local body shop in the next couple of months.

So... what brought me here is that I found at low mileage 2014 Sprinter upfitted by Great West vans into a moho, and I'm researching whether I am willing to give up my T1N for the NCV3 platform. As B-vans go, the layout on the NCV3 upfitted coach is perfect for what I want/need, the upfit of nice quality, and the best part is that it's not the overly complex and ridiculous electronics builds you see in the 2018 and up coaches. The RV parts can be serviced on the road by the owner. Not so with the new vans. Anyway...

So I started researching the NCV3 vans, and posted a thread in that forum asking about whether they're really the maintenance nightmare they seem to be from reading threads here. I've concluded a couple of things. First, the T1N is an aging platform, and is experiencing the same kinds of issues all aging platforms experience. Fortunately, mine had significant age-related mechanical work done at 100k miles by a Freightliner dealer before I bought it, including a new turbo. Those completed repairs were in the $5,000 range. BUT I didn't have to pay for it, and I have a reliable van now; at least until something else breaks. But to contrast that, the Coachmen's E250 chassis needed a litany of repairs in the four years I had it; electrical issues, ball joints, full service belts, fluids, hoses, brakes and rotors, tires, and tuneup in the 40k miles I drove it... about $2500 vs. all of the maintenance that this Sprinter has needed in 100k miles (I have the receipts from the original owner probably totalling close to $10k.)

Secondly, the T1N and the NCV3 have so little in common that they may well have been built by different manufacturers altogether.

Looking at the T1N's maintenance history over it's 15 years, I'm concerned about the ongoing maintenance expenses of owning an NCV3 van, and frankly even the on-going maintenance expenses of owning a T1N. I'm capable of doing much of my own maintenace and I have for years. I don't want to have to do that any more, and I want a reliable van as I travel quite a bit, in all seasons. I'm fortunate in that I have a couple of REALLY competent local shops who regularly do my PM work...and which is why I'm comfortable traveling extensively in old vans. I have a lot of work done pre-emptively to avoid failures on the road. I never had to stop on the road and have any work done on the '95 Coachmen with the sole exception of the "house" battery failing shortly after I bought it. I'm having the T1N's engine oil analysed as I write to see how the engine is doing with 111k on it and 6k miles on the oil.

So... with my short period of ownership, I'm still on the fence about whether or not I could recommend a Sprinter even though I'm impressed with my '04 T1N in many ways... my experience with the T1N so far has been climbing the learning curve, and mostly positive, but I think I'm going to take a pass on the NCV3 coach and look for either a Promaster or Transit-based B-Van for my next coach. I'll update this if and when there's anything TO update.
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Default Re: Would you recommend a sprinter van

The Poll needs another choice:

Yes - but only if you can do most of your own maintenance/repairs/upgrades.

Otherwise you better have deep pockets to pay someone.
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Default Re: Would you recommend a sprinter van

I just told my daughter in law to look at the new Dodge cuz the front wheel drive thing
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Graphite Dave
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Default Re: Would you recommend a sprinter van

Originally Posted by MrDynamite1 View Post
I just told my daughter in law to look at the new Dodge cuz the front wheel drive thing
Where does she live? How much weight in back? Our local UPS tried to use a Promaster. Driver liked it but could not delver to some locations due to lack of traction on muddy roads. Had to wait for dry days. Might have been due to heavy rear loads? They also had transmission failures. Putting a minivan transmission in a large van may not have been a wise choice. The Promaster was removed from the route.
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