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Default Re: 2003 EGR valve replacement

Originally Posted by Isla View Post
Haha! Right..

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Do you still have a 'new' EGR Isla, or do I gather from your first reply that you are still using it?

My vehicle that needs a replacement is in Massachusetts. The Aussie Sprinters don't use them.
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Aqua Puttana
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Default Re: 2003 EGR valve replacement

Originally Posted by LuckyDawgz Jim View Post
He also stated that the SKREEM delete could no be done with the flash tool, the module would need to be sent in for the reprogram... so I am not sure what GDE tried for a SKREEM delete.
My recollection from a comment by GDE Keith is that they don't actually remove or disable the SKREEM. They fool the ECM into not polling for it during the start sequence aka they just skip the SKREEM security step.

So... if your SKREEM programming/hardware is somehow wonky, just skipping the step may not work. I will readily bow to more informed or detailed explanations.

Originally Posted by LuckyDawgz Jim View Post
So much for trying to be proactive regarding Sprinter problems... If it ain't broke don't mess with it.

The trick is to know when to apply that philosophy.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


16 ounces of unnecessary prevention can be worth a pound of manure.

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16 ounces of unnecessary prevention can be worth a pound of manure.

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Default Re: 2003 EGR valve replacement

My '02 at 90k miles is already on EGR valve number two.
I am down to one key.

So the above experience of LDJ is bad news for me since I thought the GDE tune was a sold way out for me and I was planning on it.
I don't want to reopen the GDE can of worms for environmental concerns.
I believe our aging engines need all the help they can get to remain viable.

So do any '02-03 owners have a positive GDE story to tell?
Since I am in Wisconsin, driving directly to GDE is a real possibility for me.
Maybe someone has done that?

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Default Re: 2003 EGR valve replacement

I like the pep of my van with the gde tune a lot. Just not happy after taking a brand new egr valve off and seeing visible evidence of valve function. I removed and cleaned my intake, new egr, gde tune, black **** after 10k miles.. can't tell if its "just leaking" like keith at gde told me or fully functioning.

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Default Re: 2003 EGR valve replacement

I Asked years ago about GDE working to replace a failed EGR by tricking the sensor, and no one could confirm.

Anyway, what I learned about 02-03 EGR:
-They fail eventually and are a maintenance item, you'll need to replace them every 100-200k (depending on driving habits),
-They fail via the seal around the shaft between the cam chamber (under the plastic cap) and the main intake. It wears and allows too much boost pressure to escape, and the sensor readings of MAF and Boost pressure do not jibe, so the ECU thinks there is a boost leak (there is) and goes into LHM.
-They cannot be repaired as far as I know. Everyone THINKS it's the valve itself, between the exhaust and the intake, but that's not the problem, and cleaning that to look like new won't "fix" the problem. It might prolong lifespan of the EGR because it may reduce sideways pressure on the valve arm, so it doesn't wear the seals as fast. It sure doesn't hurt. Using a block-off plate over the exhaust inlet will not "fix" the LHM issue, confirming that it is not the problem with a failed EGR.
-Wahler is the one and only manufacturer, so don't worry about getting a "cheap Chinese part".
-dripping oil from the cam chamber is normal, and is NOT a sign of a failed or failing EGR. Actually, they are failing from the first mile driven. However, the more the seal gets worn, the more oil vapor gets through, and the more they will drip.
-There is no reliable advanced warning that the EGR will send you in to LHM. It will do it sporadically and a re-start will "fix" it, but these instances will occur with more frequency over the next few months until you cannot get it to stay "fixed" by restarting. That first couple LHM episodes is your warning, and you should order an EGR.
-It takes less than 10 minutes to replace the EGR, and no special tools.

*often people think their turbo is failing because they lose boost, or that there is a leak in the charge air system, or maybe a failed turbo actuator, or disconnected vacuum line. Both times when this happened to me I went down the turbo and turbo controls rabbit hole, and both times it was the EGR. I believe I replaced the OEM EGR at 150k, and the next one at 250K.
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Default Re: 2003 EGR valve replacement

I bought my 2003 last year from a guy who said the EGR is bad. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. And it does go into limp mode a lot. But I can prevent it most of the time by pressing the gas pedal really fast from a standstill. Within 2 seconds I can feel that turbo kick in and I’m good to go. This method works for me 90% of the time. For the unlucky 10%, I will let off the gas for 5 seconds getting speed down to 20 mph or less, then gun it again.

If I press gas normally from a standstill it will enter LHM much more frequently.
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