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Default Re: Who wants an Arduino-based Aux Instrument Panel?

Originally Posted by Nautamaran View Post
Check the SD card for a complete list of the codes found. Even if they don’t fit into the scroll box, they are written to the DTC file on the chip.

My understanding is that, once erased, a “present” code will reappear as soon as the relevant test is repeated by the ECU and the fault is verified. Decoding the “status byte” (see post a few pages back) may help understand the van’s behaviour?

I'll check the SD card today! But from what I could see in the list, it looks like the usual assortment of spaghetti codes that are thrown when you have a low battery and try to start. I plugged my Autel BT scanner in and successfully cleared all the codes, none have come back.
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Default Re: Who wants an Arduino-based Aux Instrument Panel?

I can only speak to the testing I did yanking wires to induce and clear faults on my own van.
I was able to clear the “stored” status of all faults, but they did remain pending if I hadn’t corrected the problem.
Once the wires were plugged back in I had no issues clearing “stored” or “pending” faults.
This worked with either module.
So I am confused that you couldn’t clear anything from your van?

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Default Re: Who wants an Arduino-based Aux Instrument Panel?

Don't know how much effort you want to invest, but there is some investigative work that can be done. It entails building a two transistor sniffer circuit to view communication between your AP200 scanner and the vehicle. You need a OBD Y-cable and an Arduino processor, both can be purchased from ebay.

Details should be here.


Originally Posted by OChrisJonesO View Post
Is this a "completely incompatible" kind of thing or a "currently incompatible" kind of thing? If you think it might be possible to support the OM612's I'd be happy to be a guinea pig and contribute any way I can. Admittedly I don't know much about vehicle diagnostics but I am a software developer by trade... otherwise, might have to return it.
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