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Default Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

I'm looking at putting two roof vents into my 170 sprinter. Curious as to which model is more popular with Sprinter owners? The Maxxair Deluxe vents from the underside of the cover so it can operate in the rain. But it appears to sit up higher when closed which might be an issue with a roof rack. The Maxxair Plus is a traditional style with the hinged cover. You'll get wet if it rains but it appears to sit lower when closed. I don't see any other differences with these two models.

Anyone gone through this purchase decision before? Why one over the other?

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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

Maxxair deluxe for us. Nice when you forget that you have it open and sleeping while it's raining. My son has the Fantastic with hinged lid and wishes he would have gone for the Maxxair deluxe instead; he lives full time in his van.
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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

Deluxe, hands down. When itís raining is when you lost appreciate the ventilation - front door window covers cracked and the fan on low keeps things comfortable.

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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

Maxxair Deluxe for our van.

Having reduced ventilation when itís raining, or ingress of rain is no good.

We are very happy with the Deluxe, worth the larger sticker price if youíre staying in the vehicle for longer then a few hours.

How much higher is it anyway?
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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

4th vote for the max air deluxe , an excellent device with a cool thermostat feature. It is large when it's open but I think it's worth it.
The build quality on the fan is good but the remote feels a little cheap
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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

Maxxair Deluxe is by far the most popular vent used on vans. Our patent pending adapters make installation very easy even in areas where there are bumps.

All the best,
541 490 5098

P.S. As an intake vent you might consider the Maxair Mini with fixed cowl and no fan. Not many are aware of the Maxxair Mini line up. It is a confusing product line. We can shed some light on that if you are interested. We do stock Maxxair products including the mini line up.
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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

The one down-side of the Deluxe (which is what i have) is that the rain hood restricts simple free flow of air ... those days you just open the lid and do NOT turn on the fan (our usual mode of operation).

When driving, the passing air's suction probably overcomes that ... i'm speaking of when parked.

But it's certainly nice being able to leave the vent open all (soggy) summer in Seattle.

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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

Just watched a video on the Deluxe version.

We purchased a 2015 RT Agile that came with the "Plus" model... had no idea they made the "Deluxe" version with the built-in rain shield. That would be FAR more preferable!

The vent we have works well, but it's frustrating when it automatically closes even in a light rain; if it's hot & humid, it quickly becomes almost intolerable in the camper. We even carry a small battery-operated fan for relief when that happens. Have avoided buying a vent cover because they stick up so much higher than the original fan. The Deluxe version takes that problem out of the picture.

Going to put the Deluxe version on my wish list!!
2015 RT SS Agile, 3.0 V-6
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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

I have the plus. Its even more frustrating when it DOESNT close in the rain and all your stuff gets wet. The rain sensor corrodes after a while and stops sensing the rain. It needs to be cleaned and invariably gets forgotten.

I would have bought the deluxe but couldnt get it shipped here, so had to go with the plus. But I would 100% buy the deluxe over the plus every day of the week.
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Default Re: Maxxair Deluxe vs Maxxair Plus

Wouldn’t even think of using the plus after having the deluxe, it’s great when it’s raining.

Will be grabbing some more for the next build
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