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Yak Ridge
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Default Looking for salvage seat for 2006

We are in the process of renovating our 2006 Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser and want to replace the small folding bench seat that sat behind the driver's seat with a front facing seat that matches the front driver and passenger seats. The front seats are still in great condition and we have found them to be comfortable so hate to buy new ones at this point.

Does anyone have one for sale (in good condition) or have a suggestion for a source?

I called Gulf Stream and numerous other sources and no luck so far.
An image of the seat style/color is attached

Vista Cruiser Seats.jpg

Related Topic: we removed the entire small bench from behind the driver's seat and both rear bench seat cushions. There are all in great shape. Is there a market for them? A place on this site that is best to post? Other suggestions? Hate to create landfill if someone is interested in them.

Thank you!
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Default Re: Looking for salvage seat for 2006

FYI, those are just vinyl slip on seat covers. You can lift them up and see the original grey cloth sprinter seats underneath. I was going to remove mine as I don’t much enjoy sitting on vinyl, but the wife likes them. The grey might be easier to match.
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