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Default Rear seat placement in 07' Dodge Sprinter passenger van

Hello All,

This is my first post, so I apologize in advance if the question is in the wrong location.

We just purchased a 07' 144 Dodge Sprinter passenger van and are starting the build-out process. The van came with a really nice two person seat. We love the idea of having a two person seat that would allow partial access to the space under our bed in the back of the van.

The problem:
We would like to move the two person seat to the right-hand side of the vehicle, but there is a MASSIVE sticker on the back warning of mortal danger if you move the seat to the right-hand side of the van. The two-seater seat has only two connection points, as opposed to the three for the 3 person seat. The connection points and mechanism appear to be identical and I can see no engineering reason not to attempt to move the seat over.

I have scoured the internet for any reference to the dangers of doing so, and can't find any reference to the warning online. I thought I would post here to get any feedback from the sprinter community.


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