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Default Maintenance/Repair: Fantastic Fan

A. Maintenance

1. Clean/Vacuum

Lots of debris/gunk can get into the Fantastic Fan. Special attention to the hinged side of lid.

For thorough cleaning, take off inner garnish and inner panel with screen. Lots of gunk can foul up the lid motor lift area.

2. Aerospace Protectant 303

Recommended by Fantastic Vent. Put everywhere, seals/gaskets, fan, screen, etc. Supposedly will keep dust/dirt off longer.

B. Repairs--Phillips Screwdriver and 7/16" wrench

Make sure you confirm what type of Fantastic Vent you have because there are different parts for flat lid and flat lid lift arm, for the lid motor lift, erc.

Use the part number and either Fantastic or Atwood.

1. Dome Switch

If the Fantastic Vent fan will not turn but the motor will lift and close lid (if you have a motor), the likely culprit is the Dome Switch-Plunger Style (K1122-05). This Dome Switch is mounted from the top with a 7/16" nut. Best to use a box wrench as a socket may not fit as lid cuts down space to work.

First, check to see if plunger moves up and down. If not, spray WD-40.

Second, take Dome Lid Switch off. There is a wire which goes up from underneath the switch into the middle center. Presumably, the wire stays connected because you crimped the plunger body. There is another wire with a closed circle which fit under the nut.

Note: Correct wire terminals names?--Wire from underneath may go into a closed barrel terminal while the other wire is a ring terminal.

When the plunger pops up as lid is opened, the two wires get connected.

Take sandpaper and clean off all the corrosion.

That sandpaper worked for me and saved me from replacing the Dome Lid Switch. I have one as a spare.

Third, can replace Dome Lid Switch.

Presumably, have to cut bottom wire, strip wire insulation, and then crimp plunger body.

The Dome Lid Switch also comes with a round circular terminal for the other wire.

2. No Manual or Motor Lift

The manual knob just spun around and the lid lift motor churned away but did nothing.

a. The lift arm may have fallen apart. There is a cylindrical pin which holds the lid arm to the lift bracket. If the pin falls out or is partially out, the lift arm cannot be moved.by the little gear.

By removing the little motor with manual knob, you can see if the pin is in place or not. My pin was mostly out. but could not use finger pressure to push back in and pliers didn't work either.

For a flat lid lift arm, part number is K8014-05 (Lift Arm Kit-Flat Lid). This part fit but was designed slightly differently than my original lift arm (no more second pin with a retaining wire pin--the second pin acted as a stop for a fully open lid)

NOTE: If you have a dome lid, you need a different part for the lift arm.

Easiest to remove the inner garnish and the panel with screen. Then have easy access to the two screws which hold the bracket for the lift arm from underneath. Do not need to do anything from outside.

b. Replace Lid Motor

I needed a new Autotrol Motor Cap because when I unscrewed it, the plastic around one of the screws broke off (brittle). You can buy just the cap and reuse the motor and knob.

As the manual knob portion seemed a bit loose, I ordered a complete motor and not just rhe cover cap.

I ordered an Autotrol Motor, Cap & Screws, Part No. K6050-80. The 80 is for Off-White.

Be very careful in ordering the correct part. The newer Fantastic Vents have a faster turning motor rpms and may NOT have the manual knob control.

The part I ordered has the slower, original type.rpm motor and the manual.knob. The manual knob has been changed from four arms to two arms.

Two wires pull apart and push together to connect motor.

Can replace this motor by removing two screws only from underneath. Do not need to remove anything else.

C. Installation

I used Eternabond tape to cover the Fantastic flange and roof area. Do NOT use. The Eternabond vinyl top separated in places from the gray goop and in certain areas, the white vinyl had become.brittle and fallen apart.The exposed gray.goop had hardened in some exposed areas with lots of dirt and pine needles permanently attached.

There were some anecdotal comments that there was a bad batch of Eternabond where the white vinyl separated from the gray goop. But, even if that were the case, the white vinyl itself may decompose/weather.

Installed this Fantastic Vent back in 2010 or so.

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T1N Westfalia
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Default Re: Maintenance/Repair: Fantastic Fan

1. Updated Fan Motor and Fan.

An annoying chore is cleaning the fan blades. One can remove the inner garnish, the panel with screen, and unscrew the fan blade with an allen wrench.

The newer Fantastic Vents have an easy to remove fan blade which does NOT require disassembling the inner garnish, flat panel with screen, etc.

BUT, some purchasers/reviewers have said the new motor is noisier than their original.

If one wants to get, look for the Atwood or Fantastic Standard Fan Motor Assembly (K8017-00).

It consists of a bowtie bracket, the motor, and the fan blades. Mounts from the exterior top of Fantastic Vent.

Note: Be careful in ordering the correct part. Other Fantastic Vents.had can motors which protruded above the fan blades. Also, the clamp-style Fantastic Vents use a different bowtie bracket to hold the motor.

2. Updated Model

Many Westy owners got the 14 speed, auto-temperatire controlled, rain sensor, etc., bells and whistles Model 6600. Had a rectangular remote.

The newer replacement model switches from a radio frequency to infrared remote. The new remote is oval shaped.

3. 16" x 16" Model

Don't forget that we have a European size hole of 16" x 16 ". Can order the European size from Adohen Supply.


Can also modify the opening size to fit a 14"x14" American size vent, including a MaxxAir.

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