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Default Re: Hard start after sitting

Originally Posted by gondolaguy View Post
I did check codes and nothing that indicated this issue. I now have a code reader, so I can see if a code pops up next time I have this issue. I've taken to starting the rig ever few weeks though, and that helps the situation quite a bit.
Please elaborate about "starting every few weeks." For example, Start and let idle or start and drive vehicle.

Fuel filter replacement??? What brand, proper filter? Air leak? What style hose clamps used???

Check fuel injector wires, known to chafe on fuel hardlines.

Did I miss it, what engine???
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Default Re: Hard start after sitting

2015 6 cyl filters changed before factory requirements. Problem occurred before any filter change and after oil, air and fuel filter changes. Factory clamps reused on fuel filter. Fuels filter was Mercedes. Start every few weeks ad run for 5 mins approx.
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Default Re: Hard start after sitting

My 2016 RV (6 cyl diesel) has had the same symptoms once since new. It had set about 3 weeks but I had started and ran the engine for a few minutes during that period. The next start +- a week later it stumbled/missed and would not accelerate for maybe 30 seconds then normal. ( I know technically a diesel can't "miss") Now have 52K miles and it's never repeated....

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