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T1N Database Reference Information, Part Numbers, Recalls, TSBs, and etc.

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Default Relay Cross References

I was looking for relays. Hella is the OEM supplier on my Sprinter. Hella has a great catalog that searches for its own numbers, superseded numbers and Mercedes numbers well (the search seems to be case sensitive). I can't find the root site for the catalog, but once in, the search seems to work well:

Hella Relay search site
Alternative hyperlink if the one above does not work

An example search for the Micro relays is shown below:
Annotation 2020-02-25 161410.jpg

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Aqua Puttana (02-29-2020)
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Default Re: Relay Cross References

My Sprinter has a blue Hella 4-pin relay A0025422519 Hella 4RA 9400 10-69. This relay no longer appears in the Hella catalog. The 5-pin 4RD 0077 794-021 that is used by the other 5-pin standard relay slots may substitute.
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Aqua Puttana (02-29-2020)
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Default Re: Relay Cross References

Some info from my Fuse Map thread.

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
Some additional information that may help.

The two styles of relay for fuel and starter.

Attachment 49746

Attachment 49748

The smaller sized "Gray" relays.

Attachment 49751

The Starter Relay is unique to the application. Even though it looks similar in case style to other relays there are no other T1N positions that can be swapped out. As an aside, the large blade relays are more common on the NCV3 models.

Starter Relay 2001 - 2007 Dodge Sprinter (verify application before ordering)

Some other possible part numbers
(verify application before ordering)
05101505AB ; 05101505AA; 05103830AA; 05129614AA; 05129616AA; 05138902AA

(The bracket may need to be trimmed off.)

Hella 7793037 Relay, 70A, 12V SPST
Item #: 75360
Manufacturer Item: 7793037

Contact Action
Nominal Voltage
Mini Relays
N.O. Amp = 70A
Terminals Required
Two 3/8", Two 1/4"
H41510141has a new Hella part number of 007793041.
Hella Part No.:H41510141
New Hella Part No.:007793041
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Rated Continuous Load: N/O 70A at 85C
Ambient Temperature: -40C...+125C
Contact Form: 1 Form A / SPST N/O
Contact Material: AgSnO2
Operating / Drop out Voltage: ≤ 8.0 V / ≥ 1.3 V
Max.Coil Voltage: 16V
Coil Resistance: 100 Ohm 10% (excluding suppresive component)
Suppression: Resistor, 680 Ohm
Mechanical Cycles: 10,000,000
Operating / Releasing Time: ≤ 10 ms / ≤ 10 ms
Dielectric Strength: ≥ 1000 VDC
Max. Inrush Load: 200 A lamp load / 150 A motor load
Resistive Load / Switching Cycles: N/O 50 A, 100000 cycles
Inductive load / Switching Cycles: 150 A inrush / 50 A steady, 150000cycles
Lamp Load (capacitive) / Switching Cycles: 200 A inrush / 40 A steady, 150000 cycles
Vibration: 20 200 Hz, 50 m/s_, 6 h per axis
Mechanical Shock: 500 m/s_, 11 ms, period: 1 min, 1000 times
IP Rating: IP54 DIN IEC 60 529
Terminals: 85, 86: ISO 8092 6,3 x 0,8, CuZn, gal Sn; 30, 87: ISO 8092 9,5 x 1,2, E-Cu, gal Sn

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
Possible Relay Substitutes for NCV3 (and T1N start relay) Sprinters

Attachment 58753

Function/position should be verified because it can vary vehicle to vehicle depending upon options ordered from the factory.

The information is a bit jumbled. Sorry, but I'm not inclined to do any more organization. Even just this information took some time to put together.

The information at this site indicates that even though the relay case/connection configuration may be similar, the contact ratings can vary. For example from 10 amps to 30 amps depending upon part number.

Bosch Relay Selection

A Hella Cross Reference

General Cross Reference

Some General Configuration Info


General information: It appears that the starter relay in the T1N models is a one only position. In the NCV3 models it appears that the high amp relay is used in multiple (not all) positions.
Misc. Relay Information (It is not as easy to identify suitable relay numbers as one would think. )

MB A0025427419
(High current large blades)

MB A0025427419
MOPAR 05101505AB
Desciption: RELAY


BOSCH 0332204151

Relay # A0025422619
(Looks like a high current large blades relay by one eBay listing picture, Amazon, and smallfleetparts?)

Other Part Number: 05120360AA, 5120360AA
Manufacturer Part Number: 002 542 26 19
Interchange Part Number: A0025422619
Stock Code 05120360AA ; 05103552AA; 05120358AA; 05129608AA

Reference #'s: 002 542 26 19 28 & 05120360AA


More NCV3 specific information is here:
Click on the Blue Arrow icon within this quote box. It will take you to information and pictures.
Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
Some more information related to the gray Micro ISO relays under the steering column and under the driver seat.

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