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Default 2010 RT SS Ideal problems

Be kind to this post as I maybe going against the grain in mentioning of negative things about the 2010 RT SS Ideal. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to mention these things in order to keep manufacturers on their toes:

1) Suspension is way to soft. Sprintstore.com has the solution for it but I shouldn't have to spend an extra $2500 or so to improve the suspension when you pay $100k for a vehicle.
2) Too many squeaking from woodwork inside while driving. I also had to get the dealership to fix some of the cabinet doors from opening up during a normal driving.
3) To remedy the propane flow problem, the technician at the dealer recommended that I keep the propane valve open all the time, even while the vehicle was moving. Otherwise, there would be intermittent problem with the propane supply in the line.
4) The Elite radio system is not very intuitive. I guess I have to be a Canadian and be used to Canadian radios to be a competent user.
5) The driver/pilot seat is very hard to manipulate. It takes an effort to clear steering wheel to rotate.
6) Took out the driver side rear side window by mistake while sliding the door open. Apparently, you have to remember to close the hand operated rear vent window before sliding the side door or you will clip it and take it out.
7) What's up with this nagging Turbo Resonator or rubber hose problem? Hasn't this problem persisted long enough for them to resolve it once and for all?
8) My heater control is funky. I get cold air when it is maxed to heat and hot air when it is turned to max cold.
9) Had to replace a water pump with less than 3k miles and maybe 30 mins of total water use.

Apologies for venting but when you pay over $100k for a vehicle, you shouldn't have to expect to deal with these small but annoying problems...at least not when it's new. Let me know if anybody else has had similar experience with RT and whether I just got the jinxed RT.
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