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Default Re: Expect a few changes with the big boys

This is the week for CES ... the Consumer Electronics Show currently happening in Las Vegas.

Monday was the dog-and-pony period for the "tier suppliers" ... the companies that build the bits that are integrated into the whole-car systems. All of the chatter is focusing on Autonomous vehicles, but many of the subsystems will be appearing in (enhanced) "normal" cars as well.

Some of the presented systems are at the "Level 4" state of control.

One video was of a real situation where a Toyota test car (on a 3-lane one-way highway, not a test track) ... with the auto-driving turned off (but sensors still active) had an "incident" ... the driver (in the passing lane) violently sneezed ... and side-swiped the left barrier. He then crossed all the way to the right breakdown lane (i can't recall if he spun 180 degrees or not) and stopped. His road-crossing caused the two cars behind him (one in each lane) to hit each other as they tried to avoid him.
Upon replay "back at the lab", the (remember: wasn't engaged) Toyota auto-driving software claimed that it (a) wouldn't have hit the barrier (unless the driver, as he did, yanked the wheel left) (b) would've then recovered by *accelerating*, to give the trailing cars no cause to deviate from their paths.

That video (and YouTuber analysis) starts at about 15:20 into this video: It replays a number of times during the commentary.
They do a run-up commentary starting a couple of minutes earlier, discussing how "smart cars" will be watching (and trying to help) even under manual control.

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