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Default Re: Fresh water drain valve

Still have not had time to remove the valve or flush it, will get to it next week I hope (or maybe not based on below).

In looking for a valve, I found this:

Truma part #: 70141-02

The interesting thing about it is that it is a "safety" valve (3.5 bar). Presumably this valve was from the pre-Airstream modifications for the Truma that the European version has installed. So it is not actually just a drain valve, but also a pressure release valve for use with the Truma water heater.

I did first notice the leak after using the water heater, so perhaps it leaks before the pressure release valve built into the Suburban heater we have installed.

So, perhaps no leak at all, and normal operation. I will have to check the psi ratings on the relief valve and see which one should leak first.....
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