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Originally Posted by 430 hp 70 View Post
Not totally disagreeing, but GM agreed to rebuild transmissions under warranty in both the wifes yukon with a ecm/tcm tune and my silverado with larger tires and tune. I say agreed because we ended up having the dealer replace the wife's transmission instead of rebuilding after the extended warranty company agreed to pay for it.

I can't say i wasn't worried, but no questions asked by either dealer. Both also failed for different reasons. I'm pretty positive the wifes was a torque converter and i know mine had a retraining ring fail.
Just over sized probably not. But going large and altering vehicle to make fit. That is a different story. Some dealers need the work and money and will turn a blind eye. But...a MB Sprinter. Not a GM or Ford product. They have a high transmission failure rate anyhow.

Like I said...MB will look for ANY reason to decline honoring a warranty.
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