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Probably don't have 130mm offset. Offset is the measurement from mounting surface to the middle of the rim. I think you're referring to the 6x130mm bolt pattern, and that is correct. Stock offset is somewhere around 58-62mm, depending on which stock rim you got, steel or alloy. Aftermarket offset is usually in the 50s to the 30s, the 30s sticking further out. From everything I've read, 285s will not fit a stock 4x4, and 285/75s are pushing 33", and I've read the same as you with respect to tires above 32-point-something causing GPS-related problems. I'm in the same boat as you, but waiting on my van to arrive in about a week. I keep looking here regularly to try to gain some wisdom from other people's experiences, but it looks like maybe there just aren't that many 2019s yet getting major suspension upgrades.
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