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Default Re: Water in Fuel Light WIF warning is on.

My recollection is that you got the WIF warning, went to a dealer who basically changed the filter (no tank cleaning) and sent you on your way? Did you get any further WIF warnings?

Originally Posted by mawsea View Post
I drained all 25 gallons out and dropped my tank and scrubbed it clean.
Not an easy task.

How did you drain the OM612 fuel tank which doesn't have an in tank electric pump?

Added: Answer found in another thread.
Originally Posted by mawsea View Post
My 2003 does not have the in-tank pump. I went down to the local auto parts store and bought a universal, inline, 12v diesel fuel pump and hooked it up to the inlet hose at the filter and sucked all 25 gallons out. I paid $55 for the pump but I see them on Amazon for around $25.
Good to know that the pump works to empty the tank.

Originally Posted by mawsea View Post
I took lots of samples as I was draining it, never did see any water.
I guess that is a good news bad news thing.

The good news is that you now know your tank wasn't badly affected.

The bad news is that it took the effort of draining and cleaning to verify that. (Given the possible consequences of damage to your Sprinter fuel system I would ignore the bad news comment.)

Originally Posted by mawsea View Post
My guess is the filter was doing its job with the minute amount of water cuasing the water in filter light to be triggered. I have a clean tank now and know how to prime my fuel lines....
That is a good data point.

My stance has been that if the operator responds properly to an OEM system WIF warning, then it will not be fatal. (I have little data to base that upon other than the known negative consequences of using the OEM filter drain multiple times and pouring in water dispersion additives.... I don't recommend trying that.) Even though nobody could 100% visually confirm the specific level of water contamination in the tank (we don't really know how bad your fuel was), for you inthis set of circumstances, the OEM system worked for you. That the system worked is great assurance for me.

FWIW. By draining and cleaning the tank you basically did what I would do if I ever get a 2nd WIF dash warning. At this point I don't know of any other way DIY to verify that the fuel isn't beyond the capability of the Sprinter OEM fuel filter design to be able to handle the contamination.

Thanks very much for the feedback.


P.S. - My problem would be what to do with the removed fuel that is probably ok. Off the top of my little pointy head I would be very comfortable with siphoning, or pumping of the majority of a 5 gallon jug of fuel for re-use. My theory would be that the water will settle to the bottom of an undisturbed fuel storage container. An alternative would be to give the fuel to some boat guy who likely has superior water separation capability built into the fuel filtering system.
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