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Default Re: 2010 3500 RV build

The brackets in the previous post were to tie the top of the refrigerator to the wall. The intent was to to screw them to the side of the fridge but there wasn't any metal. So I made some large metal corners (material came from the scrap heap) and used VHB tape to secure them to the fridge. Then I screwed the brackets to the plates. Went for a drive and everything is hell-a-stout. I'm tying the fridge to the van because I'm using it as structure to hold my cabinet plus there is minimal clearance for the condenser coils so I can't have any motion relative to the van wall. Pictures:
Right side

Left side


After the drive (fall colors are awesome, BTW), I checked some of my under-hood components. Everything is looking good. I can't wait to get my fresh water tank mounted and plumbed to the water heater. It was warm to the touch so it shouldn't take a lot of engine coolant to get the water hot. Question: Does anyone know where to plumb it into the engine coolant lines? Maybe a solenoid operated heater control valve would be good.

Like this?:

The Isotemp heater:
2010 MB 3500 RV conversion.

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