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Default Re: NCV3 Identification, Miles, Months and Opinion

Originally Posted by Mein Sprinter View Post
Our 2010 Roadtrek Agile Sprinter has been fairly reliable if that what you think after having to replace several NOx sensors. Now at 94,000+ miles.

Have taken her to Alaska; Labrador/Newfoundland all of the Canadian Provinces, even trekked to Inuvik, NWT. Used her on many off-road excursions. Next destination: Yellowknife, NWT to view Aurora Borealis in the flesh!

The most expensive undertaking was having to replace the DEF tank, pump and heater combo. I change my oil myself at every 7000-10,000 miles. We drive her at 70+ mph on the Interstates. Never idle!; always wait for the glow plug light to go out when starting. Always downshift where necessary. Replaced all four tires 3 times(aggressive of road tires do not last too long). Had more problems with the Roadtrek Agile interior RV design..piece of interior junk!!

When traveling EAST, always stop at SunMotors in Mechanicsburg, PA for a health check or when going WEST/NW/N at Dennis Linden Engineering in Golden, Colorado.

The engine is pretty indestructible except the emission system. Have yet to encounter any countdown. Did at one time receive an "engine" light but was found to have had the CPU reflashed! Fuel economy is between 17-20 mpg depending on speed and terrain.

We are thinking of either swapping/trading/selling her for a more Adventurous Sprinter Camper Van such as, so that we can go even further off-road.

Oh no!
Not that trusting Sprinter you have been using for ages.
I think you have worn half the tarmac off many of NA's roads with it!
Merry Christmas

Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr
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