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Default Re: 7 Speed Transmission (4 cylinder) Fluid Change

First post! - from a DIY-wanna-be who decided that in view of the complexity of changing the ATF we'd use the MB dealer service center for our

2014 2500 Sprinter Cargo van, Engine 651.955, 2.1L Diesel with 722.9 transmission, MB-M2CA170E/2014

- I called to confirm MB Service Center would change the ATF in the torque converter with an ATF change. Quoted a price of $530-545 + tax.
- Basic supplies for DIY cost $250 with shipping - plus some extra tools and IR thermometer. The process looked too complicated for a non-mechanic like me.
- I confirmed the torque converter would be flushed with the MB Service Representative when I left the van off for service. The bill was a tad higher than quoted as they add in an extra nonspecific charge of $45. I specifically asked why they only used 6 quarts for the service. But I did not argue at the time of payment because I thought I might be confused about the quantity required for a full flush. But, it looks, according to my notes, like it takes 9.5 quarts to do a full flush, not 6 qts.
- Called back and spoke with Service Rep who admitted he erroneously informed me about flushing the torque converter. He says this is how MB does it. My bill says "Perform Transmission Flush Per Manufacturers Specifications." He admitted that I'd been clear about the torque converter so he would speak with the shop manager. They have decided to allow me to bring the vehicle back to look for the torque converter drain plug. If it is there, they will do flush the TC. They do not believe my sprinter has the drain plug in the torque converter. Without a drain plug, he said they'd have to drop the whole torque converter which they do not do.
- I've looked for the bell housing cover and see a rounded black plug that looks smaller than the oval ones in the photos I've seen posted. The MB service dealer may be right that my particular transmission does not have a torque converter drain plug.
- Just curious if anyone can give their thoughts on the importance of flushing the whole system. Am I being overly concerned? This was our first ATF change at 50K. We are very compulsive about oil changes and have done the basic maintenance including fuel filters ourselves.
- Can MB service center flush the whole thing (torque converter too) or is it really not on their WIS? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Again, we have a 2014 2500 Sprinter Cargo van Engine 651.955, 2.1L Diesel with 722.9 7G Tronic transmission. Thanks!
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