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Default Re: Suggestions and Results for Reset Assyst

Originally Posted by kmessinger View Post
Driving with the the fuel monitor on (the one with the Oh - I don't have the scroll number) the number flucuates from 53 to 427 depending on my stops and starts. My fuel gauge is 3 ticks down from full. Looks like this is measuring the slosh in the fuel tank from front to back. I did take a right and left turn which did not seem to cause any big difference in the numbers.
Let us be creative...could this forward and rearward slosh produce a number that is used by the ASR in its computations?

On menu 6 after the 30k service yesterday, what was reading 9.4 qts now reads 10.6. I was a quart low going into the service. Interesting also that this reads "qts" and not liters.
The number makes sense as mine reads 10.3 and I'm halfway between dipstick marks. NAFTA US???


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