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Default Re: Suggestions and Results for Reset Assyst

Originally Posted by bikergar View Post

You do have a sense of adventure...I now put you on my "Hero" list. Are we fixin to do something that is un-doable?

Hardly a hero, just a guy with too much time on my hands. I don't think "undoable" but you never know. My Sprinter is at the dealer now for a 30k service. I asked for a copy of faults. They said it the service light is not on there would not be any - I told them that they were incorrect. I want to see if any thing I pressed yesterday caused a fault. Maybe I should check my scanguage.

BTW, I provided all parts. The dealer, to change the cabin air filter, wanted $150.00 WoW! I will change filters all day for that outrageous price


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