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Default Re: Suggestions and Results for Reset Assyst

08 with no steering wheel buttons.

Followed the new reset instructions for Assyst to reach menu. Scrolled to "rolling test" used + button to turn it on. Emergency brake light comes on as well as SDS and (sorry) a couple of other lights. I did a roll back (just coasted) nothing noticed. Turn off with - button but the menu will no longer scroll and you have to turn the key off to get rid of rolling test.

Starting engine with new menu open does away with all of the oil can icon menu items but the others stay there. I did the roll test with engine running moving about 20 feet but noticed nothing.

Reset standard works according to new instructions. .31 and .51 reset correctly. Following the reset hold 0 until 2 appears then press 0 again does not work for "Reset" major maintenance" (two wrenches) reports not done, and "reset STOP" reports not done. BTW I would swear that the Reset with the two wrenches worked a couple of times but since I cannot duplicate a couple of times in a row I am not sure.

Resetting my ASSYST shows I am due a major maintenance in 10k but it should show a minor (1 wrench) maintenance.

On menu 5 I show CodE 208. Pressed +, -, held down 0 with no results.

On menu 6 the oil shown in quarts, mine says 9.4. Checking immediately after turning off engine it said 8.2 for just a couple of seconds. Could this be the amount of oil in the pan?


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