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Default Re: Some 2004 Espar Heater Notes

There is no Flame Sensing proper with the Espar combustion control

An answer to a recent PM.

Ho boy. It's cocktail time in the Keys and I just ran across your questions.

Using my poor memory.

To my knowledge, the T1N OEM Espar combustion module doesn't use a flame sensor proper. The established flame feedback is provided by the temperature sensors which are clamped into the heater housing.

Once initial pre-ignition system tests have been passed, the combustion control looks for a rise in housing temperature, not a flame. If that rise isn't verified, the Espar shuts down. [Note: The fuel pump output ramps up (faster tapping) after each start attempt whether flame is established or not.]

I believe that what you refer to as a flame sensor is the glow pin heater which inserts into the "D" shaped opening. For certain the glow pin ignites the fuel in "D" chamber. Once flame is established I'm a bit sketchy on how the main combustion chamber is fueled. I believe that some sort of vortex is created to keep the fuel/air mixture firing. As I said... sketchy.

Anyway, the 2004 glow pin did screw out. You'll need the glow pin with integral leads [because you have a burner with integral fuel pipe].

Some info should be here.

There is more info in post #1 which may help.

I hope this helps.

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