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Default Re: Mod: MaxxFan Deluxe

1. Call Manufacturer to Verify and Source

You may want to contact airxcel and ask them is there any American source for the international 400x400 "KI40" model, and if not, any international source like

(referencing 40 cm x 40 cm)

2. Airxcel MaxxFan Website Installation Instructions for International Model "KI40" Suffix

Download the installation instructions for the international version from link above. First page states the following:

NOTE: Refer to supplied Operating Instructions regarding the model you have purchased.
The MAXXFAN installs into a standard RV roof opening of 355mm x 355mm for KI models
and 400mm x 400mm for KI40 models.
To determine if your roof opening is correctly sized, simply remove the interior ceiling garnish
trim ring of your existing roof vent and measure the ceiling opening or verify the opening is
large enough by sliding the MAXXFAN interior garnish trim ring into the opening.

3. Keep Forum Posted

Let us know what you find out. You may also want to double-check the dimensions of each model as Wasaabi's 14"x14" model has overhang in rear and the larger opening version may have a different overhang.

4. Alternative

Of course, there is the Fantastic Fan option as well which many Westy owners have installed and sourced the 16" x16"/40cmx40cm/400mmx400mm size from

5. Installation

You may want to search all the installation threads. There is a wood frame between the fiberglass top and the interior ceiling. Some folks have skillfully screwed into that frame.while others have had to make the frame wider so screws would screw into the wood frame.

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