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Default Re: Mod: MaxxFan Deluxe

Thank you for summarizing, OldWest. In my case, I already had a conversion to American 14x14 opening that was done by previous owner to accommodate a very un-Fantastic conventional fanless vent. The conversion was done with a thick piece of plexiglass that was cut to size and screwed into original opening with screws that drove into the perimeter through the fiberglass and into the wooden support frame between the two layers of fiberglass. This thick plexi had a 14x14 square opening cut into it. The fanless duct (and now my Maxxfan) screw into this plexi with small screws and nuts. Plexi allows for a good seal. However, as you point out, it is much easier to do this without going the custom route by simply using a premade euro to USA adapter.

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