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Default Re: Incredible deal from AT&T - Unlimited data for $20/month

Originally Posted by Geriakt View Post
What addaptor do you speak about? Just to plug it into your car or an adaptor to use it outside of the car?
Read. The. Thread.

From an earlier post:

The USB power adapter I'm using is linked below. If you don't need to power from USB then you can use an inexpensive OBDII connector pigtail and just connect to any 12-volt source (all you need to do is connect +12 volts and ground on the connector, ODBII pinout diagrams are easily available via Google.) If you want to USB power do not simply connect a USB plug and OBDII connector together though, USB provides only 5 volts so if you want to use USB for power you need a DC-DC converter as well and that is built into the commercial offerings.

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