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Default Re: Incredible deal from AT&T - Unlimited data for $20/month

For a RV WB View Sprinter streaming can be lower cost and lower wt then having a satellite dish.
The fine print is confusing to no end. I did read that after 22 GB ATT can throttle you. You are correct it is based on the traffic on the tower you are using. There are different plans too. I wonder if you but Direct TV Go if streaming data does not go against your plan data?

I agree this may be the deal of the century if it is truely unlimited and can somehow be made portable with a power source. I will go to the ATT store to check it out. Even if it mean portable to every car and RV you have.

Have you converted one to a USB power source?

I currently have Verizon LTE with a 10 gig data plan a month at $55 a month. I could get that lowered and use this as a MIFI.
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