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Default Re: Incredible deal from AT&T - Unlimited data for $20/month

Originally Posted by Geriakt View Post
Just read the small print. ATT does throttle you after 22GB per month to "slow speed" code for unusable. ATT does not clearly state if normal speed is 4G LTE. ATT also states it uses "data saver" to limit video to 480p. ATT does not state it will stream video at 1080p.
No, this is common misunderstanding but you are not automatically 'throttled to unusable after 22 GB'. As explained earlier in the thread, you can be 'de-prioritized' after 23 GB of usage in one month if the tower you are using at a given moment is heavily loaded with other users. This kind of language is in every unlimited service plan from any carrier and could potentially result in slower speeds after 22 GB if you are on a busy tower at the time, but so far they don't even seem to be enforcing that as I've seen reports of people using in excess of 200 GB without any noticeable speed throttling. I personally would consider that level of usage abuse but bottom line, most users will not be affected by the '22 GB' limitation.

Also from reports I've seen the SmartStream feature does not seem to be applied to this plan and streaming is not throttled. If you stream 4K all day and use up a TB of data and AT&T sends you a nastrygram then you have no one to blame but yourself, but otherwise streaming is not limited. What I recommend is to limit bandwidth yourself to whatever you need for the screen you are using, Netflix and others allow you to do this.
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