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Default Re: DIY version of Outside Van bed panel frames?

This bed can be done at home with standard tools. Materials can be sourced at home supply and upholstery shop. Panels won't flex if built this way; use reinforcement ribs or metal c channel sandwiching the panels. Mattress used is made out of custom memory foam pads on top with covers. The cubbies use the dead space and also minimize the bridge of the panels. I built versions of this type of bed with or without the cubbies on many different vans I have owned and even do them occasional for those whom don't have the time, tools, or ability to do it themselves. They work really well and can be built in a few days w/o the mattress. Easily can hold 400-500 lbs if done right. For the most part you just need a saw(s). Metal bed frame is nice also, but this is the way to go if you don't want to do any welding and powder coating and the functionality is even better. Can be done for under $1000 in materials including the custom mattress pad(s) costs with upholstery.



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