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Default Re: The Residential RV (aka The Perfect RV)


You seem to be obsessed with eliminating propane and diesel, and equally obsessed with solar power and batteries. Do you ever plan on moving your 'perfect' RV out of the dealer's lot? If so, you will be burning a LOT more petroleum driving down the highway than you would ever use running your induction cooktop. Demanding 'green' energy in an RV seems disingenuous since any RV adventure is an luxury that consumes an exorbitant amount of natural resources. The few ounces of propane saved by your solar powered induction cooktop pales in comparison to the numerous tanks of diesel fuel used to get to your destination. How many solar panels and batteries will the ultimate RV need to drive at highway speed?

Normally I wouldn't enter into a discussion like this, but I must admit it is so far-fetched that it piqued my interest (not in a good way). BTW, I'm not a dinosaur, I'm a realist.
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