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My house has heat. So does my RV. You can't run a heater from any solar system you could possibly fit on an RV. So at a minimum you need to have either a diesel or propane furnace, so you can't do away with petro fuel in your coach.
I never said that I want to never use petro fuel here, I said that I want to avoid them at all cost. There is a BIG difference here. I may not know RVing but I'm not stupid either.

I asked Dean if we can run the generator on the diesel tank so that we can remove the propane assembly and replace it with batteries. That way, if the batteries are dead, we have a running generator but according to Mike Wendland who has an Etrek, he said he uses solar most of the time and is doing fine.

Here, Mike uses the diesel of the engine tank to heat up his Etrek.


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