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Default Re: View Tv from swivel cab seats

Originally Posted by pgustaf249 View Post
It appears that the Coach House 240 DQ or the 241XL DQ has the ideal floor plan for our first (unfortunately not anytime soon) RV. With the TV being above the cab I'm assuming if you're sitting in the reversed swivel cab seats you won;t be able to see the TV. Someone please tell me the TV swings out such that one could watch it from the swivel cab seats. From what I can tell the TV position would be a major disappointment.
I am sitting at home visualizing this, and I think you might could get away with a smallish flat- panel TV mounted picture-frame style on the front-facing wall of the slide itself above the dinette bench. There is some space there. It would have to be pretty thin, though, or else someone would always be banging the back if their head on it sitting in the bench. Then you also have the issue of power and signal cables in the slide cavity. I would not do it. Don't know if the factory would or not.

I still like the projector idea, and you could use it for your mobile office presentations as well...
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