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Default Re: View Tv from swivel cab seats

Originally Posted by pgustaf249 View Post
I like the location of the TV on the Winnebago View. I don't know if a similar location is even possible in a Coach House. Maybe some of the CH owners could fill me in on that.
We looked at so many layouts that I don't recall offhand where it is on a View. Coach House mounts it facing the rear in the top of the cab. Option for a second one in rear cabin, exact location depends on what bed layout you choose. Most owners apparently get both of them. Not being TV people, we got none.

In the original rear twin layout, with rear bath, I suppose you could have a swing out bracket so you could watch from the beds or reverse it to swing out facing the
Main cabin. With our mid-bath version, if you did that you would need binoculars to watch from the front seats it would be so far away!

If it was just me, I think I would go the mini projector route to watch movies. SWMBO has no interest, though.

PS - another thing I don't like about swing-out anything is it's just another thing to forget to secure or to come loose on the road and go whipping around in the turns. Bad enough already when I forget to latch a drawer...BANG! nuts, not again?!

Swing- out tv would be just what I need...
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