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Default Re: 2010 3500 RV build (formerly painted seat pedestals)

Originally Posted by GeorgeRa View Post
1. What is you plan for AC/DC grounds?
AC ground and DC ground will be connected to the chassis. AC neutral is automatically bonded to ground in the inverter when it is running. Otherwise neutral bonding occurs in the system I connect to when plugged in. This is per the MS manual. excerpt below:

Originally Posted by GeorgeRa View Post
2. Are you planning to use alternator as the charging source?
Yes, my van has a 220A alternator and I have the Magnum battery combiner. I may have an auxiliary alternator installed by Upscale Automotive. Mercedes Info here. The additional alternator will be needed if I want to run the rooftop air conditioner off the inverter. I will probably add a solar panel at some point. I'll just hop over to your build thread to spec that, thank you.

Originally Posted by GeorgeRa View Post
3. How did you connect 2 DC shunts?

diagram created using Digikey Schemeit
2010 MB 3500 RV conversion.

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