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Default Re: Best way to charge house batteries: Solar or Alternator

Thanks Dave. Sounds like a great system.

1) where do these 255ah battery arrays come from? At what $$?

2) are there 200+ watts of panels to be had, to my door for $200? Can seem to combine search words in google that can get me to the bottom of this ??

3) what exactly do I need to charge the battery off the factory alternator as a backup for cloudy days? A solenoid and cable? What exactly?

My fantasy is to get the supplies together at a good low cost, and drop the whole thing off with someone who can wire it all up for me. I don't want to pay the mark up that our local solar dude putts on his parts after investigating for myself. His 75w panels are $150 for chrissakes! Now that I know better, I don't want to deal with him at all.
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