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Default Re: "BDP" was Re: DPF delete by my friend

Gary, I'm interested in hearing your friend's results. Keep it coming!

Originally Posted by gary 32 View Post
Bob, Our NCV 3 fueling systems would not live well on straight biodiesel either.

Friends results after installing empty can dpf:

-Dpf core was clean, but it seemed to be in almost constant passive regen, had high egr flow and 10-20% mpg decreases from historical with power cuts for high egt's.
-Before tail pipe was rust colored with almost no soot. After pipe is black with almost no soot.
-Power and response are improved.
-With just the tune: 19 mpg average.
-Same tune and dpf core removed: 10+% mpg increases but only with a light foot otherwise mpg is unchanged.
-No codes or cel with tune and empty can.
-Egt's are reduced 70-100 degrees, 150 degree reduction @ idle
-Results will follow for dpf/egr delete written into existing tune only if there is positive interest.
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