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Default Re: Folding wall beds and slide-out assemblies

Originally Posted by hurleyskis View Post
That little kitchen setup is just what i need! Anyone ever see something like this available here in the states?
The small gas portable stove with a one kilogram bottle can be taken out and used out side it just sits the with four small latches to hold it in place, these can be bought in any hardware or camper section and on eBay.
The cupboard is a home store computer desk cut to fit , the drawer at the bottom uses two draw sliders but high quality that rail supports more weight than it's required to .
Total cost less than 3000 US dollars. an overhead section can be included for a small micro wave unit, the fridges are from Waco 12 volt plug in cig lighter or inverter many sizes completely portable The bed is the same metal constructional set up as of the first thread , it just had a small exterior panel cover attached to match the rest of the set up , any one with basic carpentry could do this and the cost is not that much depending on acc/ less than 3000 US dollars you get the beds cupboards stoves fridges, porta pottie etc it depends on you budget and how fancy you want it.
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