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Default Re: Extended Warranty

We extended the warranty on our Diesel BMW X5 for around $3,000 right before the original expired.
It paid for itself in the first year and everything else was gravy....
BMW sorted out what was emissions warranty covered and extended warranty covered...I paid nothing beyond some nominal co-pay of $100 a visit.
That car is good for one annual-ish visit of $2,000 for mostly diesel stuff....but we use it for short trip so the DPF isn’t happy. Still better than buying a new one as ours has 70,000 miles on it and we both like one is $65,000......

My van is a 2017 with 31,000 miles and has been in service since April 2018....I’ll happily pay $850 to extend that to “5” years and 100k.....I’ll likely reach 100k over the next 3.5 years....

I don’t care if it’s a good deal or not.......$850 doesn’t pay for **** at a MB service department.
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