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Default Re: Extended Warranty

A) Extended warranties are almost always awful deals, for the reasons stated above.

B) The MB extended warranty is a particularly awful one. You have to read the fine print (which they make rather difficult). It is an INCLUSIONARY warranty, which means it ONLY covers the items listed. They make it sound like it is an extension of the basic warranty, but it is nothing of the sort. If it isn't listed, it isn't covered, and all kinds of things that you think would be covered are NOT. In particular none of the emissions system components are covered. They know what components are likely to fail and they exclude them. Several members have posted the text of their extended warranties. Find one and read it carefully. You will be appalled.

C) It is NOT true that you have "a couple of week to decide". You can buy the extended warranty from ANY dealer at any time before your basic warranty expires. So, you have a couple of YEARS to decide. But, there is only one sane decision, and you have already made it.
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