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Default Module #1

I am in the midst of ordering the material for my module #1 - the seat/bed. Splitting the design to the base (43.5" x 40" x 15.5") and the upper folding bed structure allowed me to price the base separately. The steel base would be over 65 lbs (1/16" tubing), 80/20 about 45 lbs and the lightest welded aluminum structure from Al tubes (1/8" tubing) around 40 lbs. Due to the weight I dropped the steel option.

I just got the price for the welded aluminum base - $750.
Precut material for 80/20 - $500 with almost $300 for reinforcement brackets, fasteners and mounts.

I am sending RFQ to 80/20 and to Tslots. It seems as Tslots' list prices are edge higher but the product line is like from the same company, just a different number. You can request the quote with 80/20 part numbers and they will translate. Folks from the Tslots company claimed that their discounted prices are lower than from the 80/20. Time will tell.


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