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Default Re: Sprinter Supplier

beta website feedback ...
While testing your Search to see if it worked with part numbers (and it does ), i fell across an odd instance where the same part is listed twice with two different prices.

Search on this Dodge number: 05103974AA and you'll see one hit at $18.88 and another at $17.99
(there's a third hit, but it's a fuzzy-search return of a similar (ends in 70AA) number... which is a nice feature)

Oddly enough, searching on the MB number (611 070 19 32) only gets one hit, the $17.99 item, even though the $18.88 hit displays that number (without spaces) too.

(i seem to be destined to find such holes ... A6110701932 (no spaces) was the first search i tried ... and it neatly revealed the hiccup when i tried the Dodge equivalent number)
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