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Default Re: Orton DIY - Maxxair Fan Install

Hereís a my installation schedule -

- bead of exterior sealing caulk at internal corner of fan mount
- butyl tape
- another bead of caulk at edge of fan mount

- Tape area around for a clean bead

- 1/8Ē aluminum bat on top of flange mount

- caulk in screw holes

Afterwards, the roof (to seams, not visible from the street) is painted with elastomeric roof sealant, two coats. This also goes over the aluminum bar and screws on the fan mount.

As a lifelong sailor and former boatbuilder, Iím confident of no leaks. I recently dropped the ceiling of my van and there was no indication of any leaks. I also use MDO plywood to build up the internal spacer; itís what used to be used for road signs. Very durable stuff.

That being said, I have no idea if this would hold up in your extreme temps...

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