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Default Re: 2016 Moto/ MTB Van Build

Then the ceiling furring strips were installed in between the roof supports so I could keep a full height ceiling.

I pre-made some lighting harness so everything was easy to plug and play.

The lights are in two zones, (4) front and (4) rear. I wired them on a dimmer and put RV style light switches at the front in the B pillar and rear corner of the van. 16 Gauge speaker style wire was used. This is basically what I used for most low power-consuming devices and outlets in the van. The dual conductor wire and jacket makes things much easier to run wire.

What a difference a single panel makes.

The van really started to take shape with all 3 panels up and all the LEDs in.

Up front, there was just enough room between the paneling and the Thinsulate to install a couple Polk DB652 Ultramarine 6.5″ speakers.

To give the screws a much more finished look, I used these screw covers I found on Amazon. CR Lawrence, the same company that makes the side vent windows, is who makes these. They worked great for #8 screws.

After the speakers were installed and all the screws were tightened up, the ceiling was done! The rough edge sides will get mostly covered up by the walls and we also plan to install back-lit valences eventually.

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