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Default Re: 2014 2500 Project Flatbed For Sale

Originally Posted by bikerjoe View Post
Thanks for the PM inquiry. Please READ the thread. There are photos of the truck in the thread. It is not a van. It is a FLATBED.

If you want a good, strong engine and transmission, and some other parts like a fairly new windshield, fairly new CLEAR headlights, SIX wheels with 10% remaining life tires, two hydraulic pumps, two 3" hydraulic cylinders for the tilt bed, a straight body (hood and doors), a recently new grill, two deep cycle batteries for the hydraulics plus the truck battery, and an extended steel frame ... then this might be the truck for you!

Hey Joe, 👍🏻 I read it, I just call every sprinter a van. Bad habit. 🤣
Lemme know.
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