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Default Re: First Transmission,then edc light, now no start HELP!!

Originally Posted by Eric Experience View Post
Meat wagon.
If you get it scanned all it will show is "fuel pressure is low." There are no other connections to the computer. Scanning will require you ignition to on for about 20 minutes that will further drain your battery which must be very low by now. Eric.
Thanks heaps your your help mate, I'm heading back over to work on it now. Went past last night and return line was empty again so still air leak somewhere. Replaced both orings on the hp pump last night and the complete hose from hp pump to rail pressure sensor and new hose from filter to LP pump and pulled diesel through the system with a pump on the tank side of return line. Didn't have time to try and start as the ferry was leaving. The only hose left to replace is the one with the dog leg on it. I've replaced orings though.

I've got a couple of batteries on rotation and have it jumped off a car as well.

It doesn't seems to be pulling diesel, or bubbles when starting, woukd that indicate pressure sensor or pump? Can I test pressure sensor with a multimeter?

lll pull the hoses off the pump if that doesnt work and see if they working.

Should I drain tank, clean and try fresh diesel and pull some unleaded or straight injector cleaner through the system to flush and put another filter?

I'll pull the maf off today and clean that too along with giving all the other sensors a hit with contact cleaner. Can this be tested with a multimeter?

The edc light came on before it **** the bed. Doesn't that indicate rail pressure sensor?

Could the transmission not auto shifting and the no start be related?

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