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Default Re: Dealers tells me 4,000 4x4s will be produced...

Originally Posted by aksotar View Post
Then you do indeed have experience with both.. but were both conversions to 4wd ??
MB hasn't really changed anything in their drive system and there is nothing from Ford on exactly what they will do in the Transit, just guesses at this point...
Inghault and Oberainger can modify existing 4wd Sprinters (in Germany) as well as convert 2wd models...
My whole point was a more honest comparison between one of the modded Sprinters and their 4wd performance compared to the Quigley 4wd and it's when both are about the same size and similarly outfitted...
Thanks for the reply - Only my Sprinter is 4x4. However the new Transit 4x4 or AWD will have about the same chassis I have now with the same ride and sit the same height. The only difference it will weight 640 lb more. You won't even know its 4x4 unless you look at the ID or get stuck.

While the Sprinter 4x4 is a OK system, it's far from perfect, but surely better than a 2WD system. While the Transit won't have a 2 speed gearbox like the Sprinter, 90% of owners never need or use low, unless you're doing off-road and one thing you won't be doing is tagging along any Jeep outings with your 4x4 van.

Regarding engine power and torque, transmission and ride, the Transit is years ahead of the "Dated" Sprinter. By Benz putting a 7 speed gear box in the old Sprinter and calling it "All New" is not going to modernize the van, the tranny should have been in their 5 years ago. The new dash and digital display radio is great but won't make the chassis any better.

Unlike a guy going to town and driving one every week or so to compare the two chassis, I switch mine out daily on these rough slab highways in North Georgia with plenty of mountains. The Transit engine transmission and chassis is far improved over Sprinter. Transit has a wider rear axle track, a better sprung suspension and a 8" longer wheelbase, with 50% less body roll thanks to the fact the Transit uses a low slung chassis designed for easy loading, which is the reason Ford will not raise the chassis.

For 2020, Ford will move another step ahead of its competition and equip the Transit with a new “Quiet” I-4 turbo diesel, developing 210 hp and 369 lbs of torque, and install a new 10 speed transmission from the F-150, so Sprinter has some real competition guys, Also the one thing you get that Sprinter can't give you is - ton's of dealers with cheap parts!

Regards Mike
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