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Default Re: Dealers tells me 4,000 4x4s will be produced...

Originally Posted by aksotar View Post
IdleUp... do you actually own either ?? seeing as there is NO 4x4 Factory Transit, what are you basing your “knowledge” on regarding how good it is ??
just read a lot ??
Boeing says their 737 Max 8 is a fantastic airplane too... I read it online !!!
perhaps it would be best to actually have one and use it for awhile before boasting how great it is...
I actually own both - My Sprinter is a 2018 4x4 with a Midwest conversion and my Transit is a 19 with a Leisure Travel conversion. Don't get me wrong, I love my Sprinter, I use it for my business and its a driver . The Transit is mostly used for trips and fun. Here's an in depth article I wrote on my Sprinter:

Enjoy - Mike
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