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Default Re: Resonator Removal and Comparison

Originally Posted by sikwan View Post

No one has posted or mentioned where the crack is actually occuring (or maybe I just missed it ), so either it's a change internally to the resonator or a material recipe change.

The leaking has been reported to be form the seam where the end is glued onto the body. (There was a picture posted here once that showed an attempted repair with a series of small screws; couldn't find it though).
I suspect the "fix" has been either a new plastic-weld formula or a larger purchase area inside to allow more glued surface...or both.
A good plastic shop (if there is one in your town) could provide the right weld-solvent for the type of plastic used and with some pieces of the same plastic-type, a leaking resonator could be fixed; I'd weld some pieces on the interior to add greater purchase area and etc.
(would need to have the right weld-solvant and do a good job to prevent a loose piece form entering the engine )
A Dodge tech told me that a leaking resonator will always show itself with a drop or two of oil around the seam. Don't know if that is true, but he ran is finger around the seam to rule out a leaking resonator when I went in with a limp-home problem (600 miles of "limp-home" on the Alaska Highway LAST WINTER ; turned out to be an air filter clogged with dry blowing snow. The tech (in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory) said the snow-clogged filter problem showed up on all their Sprinter sales; they ended up designing an air snorkel modification).
I'm buying a new Q-5 this week before my next AK-Hwy venture in September. With 800 mile stretches of highway between Dealers, it's just too risky to not carry a spare. It just frosts me that MB doesnt provide them free I Love my Sprinter , but don't get me started about MB (I've gotten even by talking a least two friends into buying a Lexus rather than an MB).
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