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Default Re: Center panel removal/access

Originally Posted by autostaretx View Post
But you *do* want to disconnect the battery (do you know your radio code?) to disable the airbag system.

p.s. if you remove the ring antenna, you make it *much* easier to remove your ignition key lock cylinder.. it might even fall out when you're just fiddlin' with the key.
Since I'm not messing with the ignition system, or the steering wheel itself, is it really needful to worry about the airbag? Especially as I will be spending my time below the wheel's face, working from the floor, as it were?

And no, alas, I do not know the code for my radio-- I was planning on using a 9v battery when battery replacement time comes around (soon--it's starting to slow down during a start) I suppose that's not effective if I do need to have zero-current conditions, such as for starter-motor or alternator replacement.

I guess I better contact Dodge and see if they can send it to me.

Or just replace the darn factory radio with a better unit... how hard could that be?

With the new downloaded manual, I ought to be able to find out how to remove it myself... right?

... right?

I'll go look at the forum-- I think I saw discussions about radio replacement the other day...
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