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Default Re: CAUTION FOR ALLOY WHEELS and Steel Spare

Originally Posted by Greygost View Post
ok. Iím comfounded. Have a 2016 3500 Sprinter, Jayco RV body, with 04 ea alum Hi Spec outers and 02 ea Oem steel wheels on inside dually. No spare came from Jayco. Im told the wheels are all interchangeable but now Iím led to believe that if I procure a steel wheel as a spare, I need a different length stud if flat occurs on outer rear aluminum wheel?
Do you have lug bolts or nuts under the lug covers on your 3500? I'm wondering because I just picked up a set of Hi Spec wheels and the lug holes seem to be a larger diameter than the lug studs. I have lug nuts on my 2006 3500, and I'm wondering if I need to get something different to mount them.
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