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Sounds like a reasonable plan.

The voice of experience here on seating: seating passengers farther back than about half the sliding door makes it hard to communicate with them. Maybe that is a plus for certain passengers..

That is quite a different thing than camp use. Swivel one or two front seats and the extra space to where a rear bed would start and that is a quiet, comfortable, uncrowded distance to talk across.

Seems to call for separate seating plans for camp use vs car-like passenger transport. Easy to add a single sliding-door area seat for passenger transport but anything wider will bump into the kitchen and block rear access. We have a similar but skinnier layout and I add a single seat when we have three of us to transport. If there are four or more I give up, forget about the single seat and let the rear passengers converse among themselves.

Our camping life is almost always just the two of us and optimizing the layout just for two is better than compromised seating for more.

I only put in a single swivel since that improvement came two years after I installed the propane locker behind the driver's seat. But since there are only two of us we would rather eat facing each other than sitting parallel. I do believe any wall cabinetry behind the driver's seat will defeat the purpose of the swivel. OTOH, one swivel works very well---it gets one of us out of the way when the other needs to move around the interior making a meal or the like.

Good luck with the project, I had a blast building mine.

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